The Best Escapes in Europe for Families with Teenagers

Best Escapes in Europe

Travelling with teenagers can be both an exciting adventure and a bit of a challenge, as their interests can be quite different from those of their parents. Finding the perfect spot that keeps everyone happy is key to a great family holiday. 

Europe has plenty of places that offer the right mix of fun, culture, and relaxation for all ages. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the best family-friendly getaways in Europe, including Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain. We’ll recommend the best things to do in each destination to ensure a trip that everyone in the family will love. 


Switzerland, with its blend of thrilling outdoor adventures, rich culture, and stunning scenery, offers the perfect escape for families with teenagers looking to create unforgettable memories in Europe.  

The traditional resort town of Interlaken, in particular, offers many activities for families with teenagers. Adventure seekers will be in their element soaring high above the stunning Swiss landscapes while paragliding or tackling the roaring rapids on a white-water rafting adventure. 

For those who enjoy a calmer activity, the scenic beauty of Interlaken is unmatched, offering countless opportunities for hiking and photography. Trails like the Harder Kulm reward you with panoramic views that are perfect for capturing memories with the family.

Zurich is another fantastic destination in Switzerland, combining rich culture with urban adventure, making it ideal for families with teenagers. The Swiss National Museum offers a deep dive into Switzerland’s history, a great educational activity for families. Teenagers will love exploring Zurich’s vibrant street art scene and bustling shopping districts, where they can find unique souvenirs and the latest fashion. 

Although Switzerland caters very well to families, it is also home to one of the best older children’s summer camp in Europe, providing a unique opportunity for teenagers to partake in exciting activities and make new friends. 


Italy is an extremely popular holiday destination for families with teenagers, and it’s no surprise why. Its blend of fascinating history, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering cuisine offers something for everyone. Rome especially is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable family holiday experience. 

In Italy’s capital, families can explore iconic historical sites such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Vatican City for a fascinating glimpse into the past. To make history come alive, engaging tours like gladiator experiences at the Colosseum or treasure hunts through ancient ruins are perfect for keeping teenagers entertained and educated. 

Additionally, Rome’s culinary scene is a delight for the whole family. From everybody’s favourite savoury pizza and pasta to the sweet cannolis and gelato, meal times will be a breeze. Cooking classes, where families can learn to make authentic Italian dishes, or guided food tours through bustling markets, are great activities that offer a delicious and insightful window into the local culture.


France is one of the most diverse places, with each corner of the country offering something unique and appealing to every family member. Unsurprisingly, a great place to start your exploration of France is in the capital.

Paris is a city brimming with iconic landmarks that captivate visitors of all ages. Families will be amazed by the grandness and intricacy of the Eiffel Tower, the artistic treasures of the Louvre Museum, and the historic grandeur of Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Aside from these must-see attractions, trendy neighbourhoods like Le Marais are perfect for shopping sprees, where teenagers can discover unique boutiques and popular clothing stores. And when it comes to the culinary scene, Paris doesn’t disappoint. Family-friendly and Instagrammable cafes offer delicious French cuisine that teenagers will love, from savoury baguettes to sweet crepes filled with Nutella and strawberries.

 If a city break doesn’t appeal to you and you’re looking for luxury France vacations for families with teenagers, the French Riviera is a must-visit destination. It’s a beach lover’s idea of paradise with its long stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. In glamorous spots like Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, teenagers can enjoy a variety of water sports, including jet skiing, paddle boarding, and snorkelling. 

For a touch of adventure, families can take day trips to nearby areas such as Monaco or the charming medieval village of Eze, perched high on a hill with stunning views. The French Riviera also hosts numerous festivals, concerts, and events throughout the year that appeal to teenagers, providing entertainment options that range from music festivals to cultural celebrations.


Spain is a European hotspot, loved by so many for its lively culture, beautiful landscapes, and stunning architecture. It’s the ideal location for a family holiday seeking both adventure and relaxation. Barcelona, in particular, is a dynamic city that offers the perfect blend of cultural richness and fun activities for families with teenagers. 

The architectural marvels of Gaudí, such as the amazing Sagrada Familia and the whimsical Park Güell, captivate visitors with their unique designs. Interactive museums like the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, with its hands-on exhibits, provide educational and entertaining experiences for teenagers. The sports enthusiasts amongst us will be in their element attending a football match at Camp Nou, home to FC Barcelona.

And, of course, a trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the beach. Barcelona’s beaches, such as Barceloneta and Bogatell, are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and fun activities such as paddleboarding or beach volleyball. These vibrant beach areas also offer a variety of cafes and restaurants where families can relax and enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine while soaking in the Mediterranean atmosphere.


From the adventure-packed landscapes of Switzerland to the cultural and culinary delights of France, and the vibrant city life of Spain to the historical wonders of Italy, Europe offers an array of fantastic destinations for families with teenagers. Each location brings its unique charm, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, why wait? Start planning your next family adventure and consider these incredible European escapes for a trip that will thrill both parents and teenagers.

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