Is Blundstones Good for HikiIs Blundstones Good For Hiking?ng?

Is Blundstones Good for Hiking?

Whether Blundstones are suitable for hiking is a topic on which there are many diverse perspectives. Some think they are ideal for the task, while others assert they are not robust enough to handle difficult terrain. are blundstones good for hiking?

Yes, Blundstones are pleasant and convenient for quick excursions on level terrain. Due to the absence of ankle support and the non-breathable fabric, they are not recommended for extended excursions in difficult terrain or during extreme weather conditions.

A Synopsis Of Blundstones’ History

A Synopsis of Blundstones' History

Since its founding in 1871, the Australian business Blundstone has produced a variety of designs of boots, starting with army boots for troops.

These enduring Tasmanian-made boots provide a versatile, all-season style that is ideal for work wear or if you prefer more conventional boot options for your wardrobe. However, they are not suitable for protracted hikes in rugged terrain or inclement weather.

In Blundstones, Hiking

In Blundstones, hiking
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Blundstones are acceptable for hiking, but you should wear the proper footwear for the terrain. Take into account the terrain you’ll be trekking on, the climate, and how comfy the shoe is. Get a good-fitting pair of hiking shoes as well.


High-quality leather (waterproof boots’ claims are dubious, however there are completely waterproof leather style variations available)

Water-resistant to maintain dry and toasty feet

Ideal footwear for easy trails

Midsoles with padding for comfortable walking

Good shock absorption in the footbed for light trails

Suitable for light treks

Excellent shoes for everyday use

How Do I Pick The Correct Blundstone Size?

It’s critical to pick the proper Blundstone size for your comfort and security. You’re still trekking in the wrong shoes even if your shoes are the right size.

The ideal method for accomplishing this is to measure your foot and then utilize the size chart on the website to determine the ideal fit. When selecting a size, it’s critical to take comfort and safety into account.

Is Blundstones Safe To Hike In The Winter?

For winter hiking, Blundstone boots are not the greatest choice. Although they are water-resistant, they are not waterproof, and in icy or snowy circumstances, they offer poor traction. Instead, you should go for better winter hiking boots that will keep your feet warm, and dry, and provide adequate traction in slick conditions. Consider using hiking boots that can also be used with snowshoes when the winter weather is very harsh.

What Are Some Blundstone Alternatives?

What Are Some Blundstones Alternatives
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It’s critical to take the type of hiking terrain and weather into account while selecting an alternative to Blundstones. For those who work outside or do a lot of walking, the Merrell Moab is a popular option. The Salomon X Ultra is a wonderful choice for hikers who encounter severe weather.

What Kinds Of Shoes Are Best For Hiking?

If you poll a few hikers about their preferred hiking boots, you’ll get varying answers.

There are a few things to bear in mind when searching for a nice pair of hiking boots.

The kind of walk you’ll be doing is the first thing to think about. For instance, a rookie hiker going on a brief hike would not require a boot as robust as someone going on a multi-day backpacking trip.

The material the boots are composed of is the next thing to consider. Hiking boots can be fashioned from a variety of materials, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The most robust but also the heaviest boots are made of leather. They are also the priciest. Synthetic fabrics are a good alternative if you’re seeking something lightweight. They are more prone to water damage and are not as resilient as leather.


Are Blundstone breathable?

Our men’s lightweight summer boots are breathable and made to move. Whether you’re day-tripping, city walking, or enjoying a beach day, Blundstone boots are designed for intrepid explorers and those who walk their own paths.

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