Best vacation sports with kosher food

best vacation spots with kosher food

Kosher travel is a must for Jews who go on vacation during the Pesach holiday. However, there are a lot of kosher programs to choose from, which can make it difficult at times. Almost anywhere in the world is accessible. So, how do you choose? You can have an amazing kosher vacation due to this list of the best vacation spots with kosher food.

A kosher Passover program can only be considered the “best” if it provides Jewish travelers with everything they require. These places that are Kosher will give you the right foods, rooms that have been prepared well, activities, religious services, and more. They not only tick all of these boxes, but they also offer a lot of fun, relaxation, and comfort. Decide which of the top kosher travel destinations is best for you and your family by making use of this list.

List Of Best Vacation Spots With Kosher Food:


best vacation spots with kosher food
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Paris has plenty of kosher restaurants and supermarkets because of its half-million Jewish residents. Today, the capital and its surrounding suburbs are home to over 250 kosher restaurants. The Voltaire Quarter, the 19th Arrondissement, and the Marais Quarter are some of the best places to find kosher food. Paris is an optimal travel objective to keep Fit and simply a short train ride away from London


Best vacation sports with kosher food
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Alright, yes this is an undeniable decision! It’s a simple trip with beautiful beaches and a lot of kosher restaurants that you’ll definitely enjoy. Mexico also has more to offer than just Cancun! Take a boat ride to the island of Isla Mujeres, which is not far from Cancun. It has kosher food and a Chabad house. Cozumel, another island off the coast of Playa del Carmen, has two kosher restaurants and can be reached by boat. Mexico really is the only option.

Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

While Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest Jewish city and has numerous kosher options, Cape Town is a must-see. It takes approximately two hours to fly between Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are a few options for restaurants in Cape Town, and the city’s two largest supermarket chains, Pick ‘n Pay and Spar, have options for kosher delis, meat, and bakery.


best vacation spots with kosher food
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France’s Nice is known for its luxurious hotels, perfect year-round weather, and proximity to the renowned Cannes film festival. French Riviera’s capital is nice. In Nice, there are a lot of kosher restaurants where you can dine in style while eating kosher food.


best vacation spots with kosher food
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Thailand has a lot of kosher restaurants. This is an extraordinary objective assuming you are searching for an outing that is more brave and outlandish. Kosher food can be found in restaurants and markets in Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai.


best vacation spots with kosher food
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Hawaii is another destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. The islands are a great place to go on a kosher vacation! Kosher-certified hotels and restaurants can be found all over Hawaii. This means that you can prepare delicious meals in your hotel room! In addition to great kosher shopping and tours, don’t forget to check out the local activities and events that are available in Hawaii. You will undoubtedly make memories that will last a lifetime because there is so much to do!

New York City

best vacation spots with kosher food.
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New York City, which is also known as the “Big Apple,” is a popular tourist destination. A city never lies down with a lot of exercises for sightseers to look over. The city is famous for its delicious food, but if you keep kosher, you won’t have to worry about what you eat! In each of the five boroughs of the city, including Brooklyn and Queens, there are numerous kosher restaurants. Additionally, there are a lot of kosher grocery stores in New York City.

In addition to being able to eat well while adhering to kosher practices, New York City offers numerous exciting activities.


As more and more places around the world cater to the requirements of Jewish tourists, it is becoming easier to find the best vacation spots with kosher food. For those looking for a kosher vacation, there are a variety of choices, ranging from urban cities to luxury resorts and everything in between. To ensure a truly enjoyable and stress-free experience, however, it is essential to conduct thorough research and prepare in advance.


What Does Kosher Food Mean?

Kosher food refers to food that is ready and eaten by Jewish dietary regulations. This includes limiting the kinds of animals that can be eaten, how they must be killed, and how food must be cooked and prepared.

When Looking For A Vacation Spot With Kosher Food, What Should I Look For?

It is essential to investigate the availability and quality of kosher food options in a location before making a vacation decision. Search for suggestions from different explorers, actually, take a look at the degree of fit management at cafés and lodgings, and guarantee that the food meets your particular dietary necessities.

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