The Ultimate Guide About Hiking The Narrows For Beginners

The ultimate guide about hiking the narrows for beginners

Hiking The Narrows is one of the most well-liked activities in Zion National Park. The Narrows is a “trail” that winds through the Virgin River and Zion Canyon, with crimson canyon cliffs looming high above you. Even while this trip can appear difficult, many inexperienced hikers can still complete it, and it might even be the most interesting hike you’ve ever done! All the information you require about hiking The Narrows for Beginners is provided in this guide. So, are you preparing for your first walk of The Narrows? Investigate this directed visit that will improve the whole climb! You don’t need to worry about anything because your assistant will take care of everything!

What Is The Narrows?

What Is The Narrows
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The tightest piece of Zion Gully is known as the Narrows. Enclosed by a stream that is twenty to thirty feet wide and walls that ascent to a level of 1,000 feet since it is simply 8.6 miles long and requires swimming upstream through a river, it is a popular hiking trail.

What Attire Is Appropriate For Walking Narrow?

Selecting appropriate hiking attire you don’t want to get cold and wet, so navigating the Narrows could be difficult. If you want to dive deeper or fall, it will be more comfortable to wear clothing that dries quickly.

All Year Round, Closed-toe Shoes Are Essential

All year round, closed-toe shoes are essential
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This can apply to athletic shoes, keens closed-toe sandals, hiking or canyoneering boots, etc. You may need to wear light boots with neoprene stockings when the water is colder. Beginners may find hiking the Narrows to be something new, but it’s acceptable if they can get to Keynes around the middle of June to hike the Narrows. You should wear snug, non-dripping canyoneering boots for a narrow walk. Use a solid, closed-toe when navigating across large submerged rocks.

Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks help protect your feet from the chilly water. It should be 7 mm if the water is cold, and 4-5 mm if the water is warm. You may keep your feet dry whether going on a riverside walk trail or across muddy terrain by wearing neoprene socks.

Shorts Or Trousers

Most people wear shorts in the summer, but for a stroll by the river, we like to add a bit more warmth with yoga leggings.

Nylon Dry Suit

Although it’s wonderful any time of year, the winter months are especially cozy. If you are unable to identify the child’s rent, sometimes the purchase will be less expensive than the rent.

Strong Footwear

Select a strong, light-colored, and cozy pair of closed-toe shoes, or rent some at Zion Outfitters.

Shirts With Long Sleeves That Dry Rapidly

After learning that long-sleeved swimwear or sunscreen is the best apparel for warmth in the early morning when they become wet and dry quickly, novice hikers in the Narrows should always wear sun protection. Carry one, and during the whole trek, bring a dry backup in the box once you’ve cooled off.

Backpack With Moisture

Hiking the Narrows is necessary to transport food, dry clothing, and other supplies. Since it’s a good idea to plan on your pack being wet, roll tops are our favorite option for keeping everything truly waterproof. If you can’t dry bag, this is a must for first-time hikers. For hiking the Narrows, double garage bags can be used in a pinch over a backpack.

Multiple Layers

The canyon will have colder temps than other areas of the park because you will be there. Bring additional clothing that you can remove or wear as needed to regulate your body temperature.

Sunscreen Use

Although the majority of the climb will be in the shade of the canyon, there are still some exposed spots, so novice hikers should wear protective clothing or sunscreen the entire time.

Which Season Is Ideal For Hiking The Narrows?

Which season is ideal for hiking the Narrows?

Summer is the ideal season to see the Narrows. The water and air are both warm, and the days are long. Shuttles work until around 9 p.m., so you have a great deal of opportunity to finish the top-down walk in a single day. Remember that many individuals travel throughout the late spring, so attempt to investigate the climate before you head out. Fall is an astonishing season to go climbing, especially if you’re searching for a simple trip that doesn’t need a great deal of planning.

You’ll have the option to take in the dazzling fall foliage since harvest time is the season that sees the most snowfall nearby. As it very well may be somewhat of a scramble to get to the trailhead, ensure you plan your trip well ahead of time if you have any desire to capitalize on this season.

Essential Advice On Hiking The Narrows For Beginners

Essential Advice on Hiking the Narrows for Beginners
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Because The Narrows hike in Zion is unlike most other hikes, it can appear intimidating even to experienced hikers. However, you explain that you should make it happen! It’s a truly exceptional walk that you won’t track down numerous different spots to do. You needn’t bother with any earlier preparation to walk The Narrow, yet you should prepare. Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure you enjoy yourself and remain safe!

Prepare To Get Wet

To start with, know that your feet and a part of your legs will be lowered in water for almost the entire trip. Although this can be awkward, you can somewhat improve your comfort level on the move by dressing fittingly. Second, the rocks beneath the water may be slick due to the hike’s aquatic location. Always be mindful of your footing when hiking to prevent slipping. This can be assisted by carrying a walking stick and donning supportive footwear. All year long, the water can be chilly. It’s advisable to rent shoes that provide warmth for your feet.

Make Use Of The Bathroom Before

Take a trip to the loo before starting your journey! The trailhead has bathrooms, but after you leave, you won’t find any again until you go back. Remember that when hiking in The Narrows (or anywhere else!), you had to pack out all rubbish, including solid human waste. This is a somewhat popular hike, so keep in mind that you won’t have much privacy if you need to use the bathroom.

Get Ready To Go Hiking What You Climb Up

This implies that you need to climb out of the canyon, paying little heed to how far you hike in. Since The Narrows is an out-and-back trail, there isn’t a “destination” at which to end. Hiking three miles gets you only halfway there; the entire hike will be six miles. It’s also important to remember that the first mile of the trail does not pass through the canyon; it runs from the Temple of Sinawava to the Virgin River entrance. The Riverside Walk is a short, paved walk that runs alongside the river on this section of the trail.


Every outdoor enthusiast should put the fantastic Narrows walk on their bucket list. You certainly can’t miss it when visiting Zion National Park because of the breathtaking vistas and the unforgettable experience. And it works well for most ability levels of users! As you get ready for your vacation, hopefully, this guide about hiking The Narrows for beginners will be useful.

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