How far is Disney World from Davenport, Florida?

How far is Disney World from Davenport, Florida

The city of Davenport is located in Florida’s Polk Province. The city is around 35 miles southwest of Orlando and has a populace of somewhat north of 16,000 individuals. The nearness of Davenport to some of Focal Florida’s most famous attractions, for example, SeaWorld Orlando, Widespread Orlando Resort, and Walt Disney World Retreat, works everything out such that notable.

Regardless of Davenport being a little city, there are many sights and what should be done. Davenport is the best area for you on the off chance that you’re looking for a spot to remain while encountering the district’s top attractions!

How far is Davenport, Florida from Disney World in the event that you’re contemplating going on an outing there? Via car, the response requires approximately 45 minutes. You will not need to go through the whole day at the parks since it will be easy to go to and from your convenience. Moreover, to get away from the Mouse, the area is home to numerous extra attractions. In this article, I will explain how far is davenport from Disney.

How Far Is The Air Terminal In Orlando From Davenport, Florida?

How far is the air terminal in Orlando from Davenport, Florida?
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There’s a decent chance that you’ll be flying into Orlando Global Air terminal (MCO) assuming you’re arranging an excursion to focal Florida. In any case, imagine a scenario in which Davenport, Florida is without a doubt where you’re going. What course would it be a good idea for you to take and how far is the drive?

Around 22 miles toward the southwest of the city of Orlando is where you’ll track down Orlando Global Air terminal. You should go for around 45 minutes on I-4 East to get to Davenport, which is in the Polk Area and is only west of Kissimmee. From MCO to Davenport, the whole driving distance is approximately 68 miles.

While going from Orlando Global Air terminal to Davenport, remember the accompanying: – I-4 traffic can be flighty, so give yourself a lot of chance to get where you’re going. Prepare for time since there are different ways out along the course that give gas stations and eateries.

Is Davenport A Recommendable Lodging Area For Disney?

Anybody going to Disney World ought to remain in Davenport. It is far enough away to permit you to get away from the clamor of being in the main part of things while as yet being sufficiently close to the parks to make them effectively open. Finding a dwelling that suits your necessities and financial plan ought not to be troublesome in that frame of mind, there are a few lodgings and get-away rentals accessible.

You won’t be exhausted regardless of whether you’re not visiting the parks since there are countless cafés and looks around.


The distance between Davenport, Florida, and Disney World is talked about in the blog section. The driving time from Davenport to Disney World is about 45 minutes. The creator offers guidance on the best way to augment your time at Disney World.


Which City Is Closer To Disney, Kissimmee Or Davenport?

The sizeable Kissimmee is somewhat nearer to Disney World; however, Davenport’s peaceful area is near both the amusement parks and Focal Florida’s normal fortunes.

What Distance Away Are The Florida Urban Communities Of Davenport And Orlando?

The distance between Davenport and Orlando, estimated in an orderly fashion across the guide (or “straight from one point to the other”), is exactly 29.77 miles. Downtown Orlando is just 36.1 miles from downtown Davenport assuming you are getting there.

What Ideal Local Area Is Near Disney?

Festivity is an idea town that was made by the business that currently claims and works the Disney establishment. It depends on Walt Disney’s longing to make the “ideal” local area; he died before the objective could be achieved. It was 1994 to the Open year. It’s abnormal to pass through the homes to arrive at the lake and shopping area.

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