Family Vacation Guide: How To Plan A Trip To Disney And Universal Parks

How to Plan a Trip to Disney and Universal Parks

Are you thinking of going to both Disney and Universal while on vacation at Disney World? We have chosen to examine how to plan a trip to Disney and Universal Vacation since both are fantastic resorts with outstanding theme parks.

Recently, we have organized trips for our family to Disney World and Universal Studios. We’ll talk about our tips for what we’ve seen as best practices so you can make arrangements for an amazing Disney and Universal trip.

Vacation Options At Universal And Disney World

Several choices are available when booking a Disney World or Universal visit. Now, we should check out them.

Spend Time At Disney World

Staying at the Disney World Hotel enjoys its own benefits. Assuming you intend to invest the vast majority of your time at Disney World, we think this is the most ideal decision. The most magical lodging option, albeit it could also be the most expensive.

Spend Time At Universal

Like Disney, Universal Orlando Resort offers a range of on-site resorts where you can stay. This is the best choice if you plan to spend more time on Universal property and its parks, similar to staying at a Disney Resort.

Stay Off The Property

You can save some money by booking a hotel, flat, or villa staying off-property. However, during your Disney and Universal Vacation, you’ll probably be farther from the resorts. This might bring about extra travel time to and from each hotel. To do this, you’ll probably require a rental car (or your own vehicle). Anybody hoping to wander beyond Disney and Universal during their getaway may view this as a famous choice.

Tips On How To Plan A Trip To Disney And Universal

Here are a few ideas to guarantee an agreeable outing around Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando:

The Earliest Opportunity Is To Pick How Long You’ll Stay

Determine how long you’ll spend in Orlando, Florida as the first step in your preparation.

When planning a trip to Disney World and Universal, think about staying on vacation for a bit longer. I’d say seven to 10 days are sufficient to visit both Orlando attractions.You can even take leisure days in the middle of a 10-day holiday to explore your resort or Orlando.

However, not everyone may want to or be able to afford a lengthy stay. You can shorten your trip by a few days and skip a few theme parks (most likely in Disney World because there are four).

The most determining element in this situation will be your money because the longer you stay, the more expensive it becomes.

However, as a general rule, you should schedule a five-day road vacation, which includes one day for travel and four days for visiting parks.

Remain Where You Intend To Spend More Time

Remain where you intend to spend more time

The most crucial decision you will make throughout your Disney-Universal vacation will be where to stay, and it will have a bigger effect than you may realize.

Choosing to stay in Disney or Universal will be pricey, tiresome, and difficult to move between hotels.

What should you then do? Pick a resort where you’ll invest more time in the event that you choose to stay there.

Consider choosing a hotel at Disney World if you plan to spend three out of five days there. When you visit those parks, you can get from your Disney hotel to Universal.

Use the same approach again if you choose to stay in an Orlando hotel off-site. Remain close to the park so that you can remain longer.

Depending on where you are staying, the trip between the two amusement park resorts can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Hotels in all price ranges are available close to Disney and Universal.

Look For Crowds

Look for crowds
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You won’t have much time if you want to tour both Disney and Universal in one trip. The ideal time to visit is when nobody else is there.Simply said, larger crowds result in lengthier waits for rides. Additionally, lengthier waits result in fewer rides being taken.

When travelling at busy times, such as the height of the summer vacation season or holidays like Christmas, it is impossible to avoid crowds.

However, at other seasons of the year, you might be able to reserve entry for days that won’t likely draw as many visitors.Choose a less busy month or week if you have the option to do so; you’ll be able to cover more ground each day.

You may find online park crowd calendars that let you know which parks are expected to have more visitors on particular days.

When Purchasing Tickets, Compare Prices

If you want to visit Disney and Universal in the same week, you are thinking an expensive vacation. The cost of tickets alone can be high. So look around if you want to obtain the greatest value.

The cost of purchasing directly from Disney and Universal is usually high. A discount is available on another website. Examine the costs for the same dates on other websites. Be sure you purchase from a reliable website!

Make A Complete Itinerary

Set aside a weekend to do your homework, familiarize yourself with the parks you intend to visit and the activities they provide, and create a thorough schedule.

And by detailed, I mean on an hourly and ride-by-ride basis. Plan for some wiggle room in your daily schedule because unexpected things (like terrible weather) can arise.

However, having a careful timetable will save you from with nothing to do and attempting to sort out what to do straight away.

With a composed schedule, you might be sure of the parks you’ll visit on which days, your technique for transportation, the rides you’ll ride first and later on the off chance that you have additional time, as well as your supper time plans.


I hope this post on how to plan a trip to Disney World and Universal was helpful. Although the two resorts provide very different experiences, I am sure you will enjoy yourself if you decide to make plans for both.


How Can I Combine A Trip To Universal And Disney?

Spend a few days at a Disney resort seeing those parks, and then spend the remainder of your time at a Universal property. You will be able to fully enjoy both locations if you do this. Additionally, the Unlimited Express Pass is complimentary if you stay at a Premier Universal property!

How Many Days Are Required For Universal And Disney?

We recommend that you plan at least six full days into your itinerary if you want to visit Universal Studios Orlando and Disney World simultaneously. You would have two entire days at Universal Orlando and one entire day at every one of the four Disney amusement parks subsequently.

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