Jurassic Park River Adventure: How Wet Will You Get

Jurassic Park River Adventure: How Wet Will You Get

A water ride amid friendly (and not-so-friendly) herds of dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park River Adventure is at the center of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. On this exhilarating prehistoric ride, visitors escape a T-Rex while being pursued by velociraptors and fall down an 85-foot (25.9 m) 51o drop into the river below. This drop made a record-breaking splash when it was erected in 1999, making potential riders unsure about whether they survive the experience dry.

The entire boat is covered in the Jurassic Park River Adventure splash zone, so visitors frequently leave the attraction with their hearts pounding and their clothes dripping wet. Riders seated inside the raft won’t get as wet as those on the front row and sides, though. Visitors can buy ponchos to keep their clothes and bags dry and hire lockers to store their possessions. This article describes what should be expected from the Jurassic Park River Adventure, how wet you get on Jurassic Park River Adventure, and the best method for protecting your things.

Jurassic Park River Adventure: What Kind Of Ride Is It?

At Universal’s Islands of Adventure, The Jurassic Park River Adventure, a successful 1993 Steven Spielberg film adaptation, is a crowd favorite. This water-based attraction takes visitors through fields of grazing herbivores along a river that appears to be serene in the notorious Jurassic Park, but just like in the movie, things quickly turn worse.

Riders abruptly float into the Raptor Containment Area as the park’s electricity suddenly fails. The rafts then set out downstream in an effort to flee the rogue carnivorous dinosaurs. Without a T-Rex, no Jurassic Park ride would be complete, and the same holds true for this attraction.

Riders are almost devoured as the boat travels into raptor habitat before jumping over an 85-foot (25.9 m) waterfall to safety. The raft safely avoids danger, but some passengers get wet from the splash at the bottom – a tiny price to pay to get away from the cunning raptors and the large-toothed predator.

In order to provide visitors with a buyable keepsake of their challenging river trip, Universal takes photos of them as they scramble down the falls in fear for their lives.

To What Extent Do You Get Wet On The Jurassic Park River Adventure?

You’re going to get fairly wet on the Jurassic Park River Adventure; I’ll be honest with you about that. This route is categorized as a wet and wild quick ride, despite the fact that you can sit in spots that will keep you a little bit dry. Focusing on the WET portion.

Strangely enough, I’ve left some rides completely dry while leaving others drenched to the skin. Although there isn’t much structure or logic to it, placement does matter. Although you may be tossed around as you travel, it’s not usually the rapids around the ride that get you wet.

But the main reason is the enormous splash you get at the bottom from the ride vehicle’s extreme velocity combined with still water. The splash is not concentrated only on the front of the carriage, as it is in Singapore, because the ride vehicle is straight rather than circular.

Instead, the splash covers the full sides of your ride vehicle, giving the entire carriage a taste of the excitement. Simply said, riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure will leave you wet. But in all honesty, that’s half of the fun, and if you’re wandering around in the Florida sun, you’ll be dry in an hour.

In all seriousness, I advise standing in queue for this ride when the temperature rises. You’ll stay surprisingly cool because of your wet clothing, and the bottom splash is so refreshing!

Where Can You Sit On The Jurassic Park River Adventure To Stay Dry?

If you want to keep dry while riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure, sit towards the back center of the raft. In addition to choosing the appropriate seat, visitors have two further options to stay dry. Keep your arms down as your first line of defense to avoid getting wet.

It’s only natural for riders to raise their hands and applaud (or scream) when they descend a breathtaking drop like this. Holding their arms at their sides, those who don’t mind missing this ritual can remain dry.

Bring a rain poncho with you or buy one from Jurassic Outfitters before entering the park is the second approach to dodge the downpour. For passengers who want to keep their phones, wallets, and keys safe while on the ride, ponchos are a perfect solution.

What Storage Space For Things Is Available On The Jurassic Park River Adventure?

I suggest using the lockers so as not to harm any of your priceless possessions (hello, smartphones and wallets!). Even when wearing a poncho, water can penetrate your clothing and harm your reliable equipment.

For your most delicate items, you may certainly purchase a protective plastic pouch, but it’s far simpler to stuff everything into a locker. Just believe me on it. Additionally, if you’re taking the ride, they are entirely free!

For little stuff, one of the typical lockers (about 14 inches x 5.5 inches x 16.9 inches) is more than adequate. However, it is best to hire larger lockers if you need to keep a large bag or the belongings of your entire family. These lockers are 12 x 13 x 16.9 inches.


Exactly how wet you get on Jurassic Park River Adventure is tough to explain. The most important thing to think about while trying to prevent getting wet on a boat is where you sit. The first and second rows of passengers run the greatest chance of getting wet, while those in the middle or back of the boat may avoid getting wet.

To keep their clothing dry and any valuables in their pockets safe, visitors can either bring their own plastic poncho or buy one at the park. Guests can rent a locker for the day right outside Islands of Adventure’s entrance gates, or single-use lockers are also available at the ride’s entrance for a cost.


How Challenging Is River Adventure?

Yes, there is a thrilling drop on Jurassic Park River Adventure near the end of the ride. Although it could give you a brief rush, the descent is not as steep as those on violent roller coasters.

At The Jurassic Park River Adventure, Do You Get Wet?

You can stay somewhat dry if you are seated in an inside seat; sitting behind someone who is bigger and keeping your arms down can assist. Even though the boats produce a huge splash at the bottom of the 85-foot drop.

Is The Drop In The Jurassic Park River Adventure Scary?

I don’t think it’s all that scary. If you find that kind of thing terrifying, the ride is worth the two terrifying seconds. Simply close your eyes, duck, and you’ll feel a kind of swish before it’s over and you’re alright.

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