Unlocking The Magic: Exploring The Milky Way Adventure Park

Exploring the Milky Way Adventure Park

Don’t miss the excitement at North Devon’s multi-award-winning family amusement park, The Milky Way Adventure Park, for an incredible experience. Rain or shine, a full day of action for the whole family waits only ten minutes outside Bideford. In Devon, the Milky Way is situated not far from Bideford. You could easily spend a whole day at the park because there is so much to do there.

Devon’s Indoor Activities During Wet Days

Devon's indoor activities during wet days
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The fact that The Milky Way Park contains hidden attractions that occupy the same area as three football fields is one of its main draws for vacationers from Devon. View the interactive map of attractions to get a sense of the area’s size. Rainy days are full of fascinating things to do if the weather is poor!

The girls were in the Time Warp, Devon’s largest indoor adventure play area, for the better part of an hour. It features a 25-foot free-fall drop slide, a more relaxed wavy slide where you can race your friends, an enclosed high ropes course, toddler areas, and enormous ball pits.

For those who like a little excitement, there are dodgems called Droid Destroyer. The Milky Way staff’s efforts to ensure that kids of all ages enjoyed this ride especially impressed us. They alternated between sessions for older kids and adults who could kick things up a notch and sessions for smaller kids where bumping was strictly prohibited. This meant that our group was having a good time.

The Clone Zone, an experience and ride aboard an alien spaceship, was another indoor activity with a higher level of adrenaline that we all appreciated. Before you go in, you’re told that it might be a little scary for younger kids because it’s dark inside and has some alien characters. However, following a few shrieks, we were all smiling.

It was a smart idea to visit the Sports Centre to wind down after all that activity, where you can pay extra to paint pottery or try your hand at archery. The girls all selected a piece of pottery (small things start at £4) and took a long time using glitter and acrylic paint to decorate it.

Live Performances At Milky Way

There are performances in the indoor arena all day long. We witnessed a Harris Hawk, Barn Owl, and Little Owl soar over the crowd during the opening birds of prey display. Feeling a predatory bird’s feathers brush against your ear as it skims by is a thrilling experience. There are two daily bird shows, and the North Devon Bird of Prey Centre, located at The Milky Way Park, is a great place to meet the presenters and many more of their featured friends. Until October 2018, this Devon theme park will also feature interactive science and space shows, Merlin, a semifinalist on Britain’s Got Talent, and The Big Show Close Up.

Having Fun Outside At The Milky Way Devon

Two 30-foot-tall donut slides, a train, and two sizable inflatable pillows are all outside in addition to the Milky Way’s two rollercoasters. When we got to The Milky Way Adventure Park, the girls immediately headed for the Jumping Jupiter inflatables. Little ones won’t be overpowered by older children having a good time because there is one for children under five and another for older children.

The newest ride in the theme park, Gravity Rider, is located just next to the cushions. This slide requires you to be one meter tall, so even babies could try it. She did appear a little green as she got to the bottom, though, because it moves quickly. Miss M found it to be very enjoyable. Miss M preferred the quicker speed of the Cosmic Typhoon, while Tot and Baby loved the more leisurely coaster, the Cosmic Caterpillar, which they rode multiple times in a row.

The Milky Way Adventure Park Food

The Milky Way Adventure Park food
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Although you can pack a picnic, The Milky Way offers several lunch and snack options. Our meal was at the chic Star Light Restaurant. Lunch options include pizza, cream teas, Paninis, pasta, and Thai fish cakes. Jacket potatoes, pasta, and lunch boxes are among the suitably sized meals available for young children and toddlers.

The food was attractive, and the costs were fair. We had a delayed lunch, right as the café was topping off, and we were satisfied with how rapidly the food emerged. Afterward, after doing multiple laps of the indoor assault course, we stopped by the Galactic Cafe situated above the Time Warp to replenish our fluids.


There is plenty of entertainment for children of all ages at The Milky Way Adventure Park, a truly well-designed theme park in Devon. Because there’s so much going on indoors, it’s perfect for enjoyment on rainy days and for sheltering from the sun in case of excessive heat waves. Furthermore, every place we visited was spotless, organized, and smelling good—no small accomplishment when you’re hosting hundreds of families every day. Besides, we never needed to stand by more than some moments in line wherever, in any event, during the most active season—special times of the year. Even though the recreation area was stuffed, there was adequate space for everybody to move about.

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