Top 5 Travel Trailer With Washer And Dryer

Top 5 travel trailer with washer and dryer

RV camping has various advantages, yet it’s not exactly a walk in the park. Clothing is perhaps the most challenging and troublesome undertaking in an RV. Consider the number of messy garments you’ll have when you get back from an end-of-the-week-long RV trip. What will occur on the off chance that you travel in an RV full-time or for a very long time? Finding a travel trailer with a washer and dryer is essential because you most certainly don’t have any desire to invest your free energy standing by to get your garments cleaned.

There are clothing offices accessible at numerous RV parks and camping areas, however, it is impossible to involve them without holding up in line. Furthermore, you’ll have to carry sufficient spare change to do the laundry whether it’s at a self-service or campground laundry facility. A camper with a washing and dryer can be the best option for traveling with laundry.

Travel Trailer Washer And Dryer Models

Although each caravan has unique features, we first need to understand the wide range of washer and dryer models that exist.

Washer/dryer Sets

Washer/dryer sets
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For a large family residing in a travel trailer, the washer/dryer set is ideal. Such a machine’s combo employs a single drum for both the drying and washing cycles. These machines can quickly switch from the washing cycle to the drying cycle without the owner’s intervention.

Small Dryers

Small Dryers
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There are small dryers available, and some travel trailers have sensors that determine how saturated the clothing is before applying a specific amount of heat to dry it off. There are numerous models with a variety of warming and drying cycle options, and they are reasonably priced as well.

Washers And Dryers That Stack

Stackable washers and dryers are more discrete and lighter models than those found in many households, making them ideal for travel trailers. The two cycles can be operated simultaneously, and they frequently carry 12-pound weights. They are the finest option if the trailer has enough space inside and you want to do a lot of laundry with your clothes.

Small Washers

Travel trailers with a sink and a channel can also be equipped with a small washer. These versatile washers are useful for people whose trailers don’t have washer/dryer features because they may later add them for convenience.

Ventilated Washers And Dryers

Clothes can be quickly washed and dried in vented washers and dryers by using outdoor air. They include an air exhaust vent that allows the wind that dries the garments after washing to move in any direction.

Non-ventilated Washers And Dryers

Only a small number of travel trailers have ventless washers and dryers, which use heat and air inside the drum to operate. This enables them to slowly dry the clothing. A washer/dryer of this kind would probably use a lot of water to clean your clothes. You will have to wait for hours while your clothing is being cleaned because the cleaning cycle takes so long.

Best Travel Trailer With Washer And Dryer

Best Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer
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A travel trailer or motorhome with a washer and dryer is the answer if you don’t want to hunt for launderettes every week and damage the clothing by leaving them unwashed for days. Some travel trailers are pre-equipped with a washer-dryer combination. These are massive, lengthy trailers that need a big truck to tow them. These models are some of the top RV washer/dryer combo units:

Travel Trailer Jay Flight Bungalow 2018

It functions as a tiny home away from home. There is plenty of inner space in the 102-inch body construction. Extra-sturdy and able to support 4,500 pounds of weight, the roof. The residential-style trailer is one of the most luxurious units in its category, with plenty of luxury features and conveniences. The large master bedroom’s Simmons pillow-top mattress and luxurious blanket guarantee peaceful sleep at night. An open space with LED lights, a sliding patio door, and a high ceiling houses the living and kitchen areas.

There is plenty of storage in the RV’s spacious washroom. A storage area with a washer/dryer setup is present. Together, these gadgets and the central vacuum keep your motorhome and clothes tidy and clean. The washer-dryer combination is available in a few additional Jayco models, including the Jayco Precept 36T and Jayco North Point 375BHFS.

Travel Trailer Highland Ridge

Travel trailers and fifth wheels with open ranges are available from Highland Ridge RV. Cleaning dirty clothing while traveling has never been a hassle due to the washer-dryer combo units that come with these RVs’ particular models. The motorhome’s 100-inch wide body construction provides enough space for its dwellers to feel at home. You will undoubtedly value the large living area’s services, which include a fireplace, an outside kitchen TV, LED ceiling lighting, a water pump with an attached filter, and more.

Recreational Travel Trailer By Design Navigation Nv2

Another trailer featuring a washer and dryer is the Design Navigation NV2’s 2017 Recreation edition. The search for a family bunkhouse trailer with the ability to wash and dry clothing onboard will come to an end with this 32-foot-long body structure. A large living room slide, a microwave, an awning, interior and external speakers with video and audio systems, and two LP tanks with a combined capacity of 60 lbs. are also included.

Rv Keystone Montana Trailer

Another company that makes fifth-wheel and travel trailers with washers and dryers is Keystone RV. One such model is the Montana 3121RL, which has a combo OR 2-piece washer/dryer with a separate 20amp circuit for each appliance. The four-person capacity of the 35-foot fifth wheel makes it ideal for a small family. A huge living area with theatre seating and a fireplace, a large kitchen, LED internal lights, a vented attic, electric tank heaters, and more are further notable characteristics.

Rushmore’s Crossroads Washington Trailer

This type is perfect for a modest family and is larger than the brand’s luxurious range of fifth wheels. It is ideal for travelers who desire an RV or trailer with a washer and dryer because it is 39 feet 11 inches long and has an interior ceiling height of 8 feet 6 inches.

There is space for a king-size mattress in the bedroom, which features a queen bed. The living room contains a huge entertainment center and several sitting options. With a dual-sink island, a sizable refrigerator, and a spacious pantry, the open-concept kitchen is quite practical.


This article about the top travel trailer with washer and dryer capabilities also included details on each trailer model made by different brands.

These trailers might show up in different sizes and with different floor plans, contingent upon their qualities and the reason for which they were planned. They are remarkable, and you can pick the one that best fulfills your family’s requirements.

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